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10 YEAR Anniversary!

YOGA DEVA is all the LOVE and Community that we have all created together. 'YOGA DEVA is not about the Geography' by Dr. Adam T. member since 2008















Join Mary S. for DEVA YIN Tuesdays at 7pm and for YOGA NIDRA the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Why cook...? After your session, bring home dinner offered from a 'SPECTRUM' of food trucks on the 1st Tuesday of the month!

Let's meet at 'SPECTRUM' for a FREE YOGA DEMO SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th at 12pm

This NEW session will be offered on Mondays at 9:15am starting October 22nd.

'Intro to Yoga and Chair Yoga' with Janis P.

Are you curious about whether Yoga can benefit your health? Do you have pain, stiffness, high stress, sleep issues? Are you recovering from an injury, illness or operation and wonder if you can even begin a Yoga Practice? Some of our Instructors started their Yoga Practice because of these same issues. Chair Yoga is a unique Practice designed to facilitate gentle joint release, stretching. strengthening and balance. Using the chair for support, balance,stability and assistance from the wall, Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Gentle to more challenging options are utilized to address a wide variety of physical conditions. Movements can also be practiced on the floor/mat if desired or needed. Come play Musical chairs with us Yoga Deva style!

2928 SOUTH SPECTRUM WAY , Gilbert , AZ 85295

RSVP to Davis at 480-722-9000



















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