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Sessions are Ashtanga influenced Vinyasa Flow, Yin,Gentle Yoga,Tibetan Yoga,Pilates Mat, Yoga Nidra,Chair Yoga, Meditation as well as sessions for freeing the joints . which all originate from the ancient source of Classical Hatha Yoga. ALL LEVELS Practice together whether your a beginner or more experienced Practioner modifications and more challenging Asanas (postures) are given. If your new to Yoga we recommend starting with our 'Easy like Sunday Morning' session or Deva Yin as you learn the fundamentals of alignment, breath and intention.


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Join Mary S. for DEVA YIN TUESDAYS 7:00pm and YOGA NIDRA the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Why cook...? After your session take home dinner offered from a 'SPECTRUM' of food trucks on the 1st Tuesday of the month!

Please bring any of the following items if you have a large beach towel or small blanket or pillow, mat,Yoga blocks and a bottle of water. There is no storage so the Instructor is limited as to what they can supply each session.


New to Yoga? Begin here..Gentle movement, Fundamentals of alignment, breath and intention as well as instruction on the 'How to' safely create sitting, standing and floor asanas or postures. Stretch and strengthen , while calming the mind and reducing stress and pain. You can Feel free to ask questions after class in this casual format. Remember EVERONE started with their 1st YOGA class you are not alone!

The best session to begin your Transformation of the New You!




Vinyasa(connected in a flowing sequence) and static standing and floor postures to strengthen, balance and focus your mind, body and breath. Modifications given as needed with variations of intermediate to advanced Asanas (postures) given according to ones Practice whether your a newbie or a more experienced Practitioner. The most challenging session of the week is held on Saturdays at 9:15am with an emphasis on Flow.


Gentle movement to stretch the hips and the spine opening the body slowly. Moving into a variety of standing and restorative postures. Balance, strengthening and stretching are emphasized in a gentle slowed down pace for all levels.


CHAIR YOGA is a unique practice designed to fascilitate gentle joint release, stretching,strengthening and balance. Using the chair for support, balance, stability and assistance from the wall, Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and a wide variety of physical conditions. Movements can also be practiced on the floor/mat if needed. Come play musical chairs Yoga Deva style with us!

Put a little yin in your yang
Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment that brings balance  to the more dynamic and muscular Yang styles of asana practice. Body-Mind connection is deepened as postures are  held in a meditative state.  Relaxation and release of energy is felt in the deeper connective tissues, joints, ligaments and bones of the pelvis, hips and spine. 

YOGA NIDRA Held on the 1st TUESDAYS of the Month

Unlike regular sleep YOGA NIDRA (Yogic Sleep) relieves stress on all levels, physical, psychological and emotional. The ancient Yogic teachings of the 'Upanishades' say that we are a product of and make our daily decisions based on our unconscious beliefs. Yoga Nidra guided meditation coupled with the use of 'San Culpa' ( a positive affirmation) registered deep on the unconscious level, is a way to effectively make conscious changes in our lives.


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